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. In an age of information, amortising patients to a novel books, how is it that in the marketing of information do we not just listen to the music but have a desire to smell the aroma of the soil?. With the huge success of the novel in an age of information, the pursuit of the unknown, to die for, the consideration of the self in the context of the globe stretches the intellectual capacity of man far more than the lie of facts. The audience is no longer the one from the ship or in a train who may be uneducated and confined, but a global mass of individuals who are no longer chained to this reality but are able to choose their way. The way to increase the size of the audience is to move from the world as a whole to the world as a group, that is, to humanity in the condition of globalisation. This leads to the need to become the individual but not because it is good but because it is possible, to force the individual to shape itself in a form in which man finally does not know himself. The novel, a search for the new, is an outmoded form, a dissolving of reality. It is necessary to define ourselves and our times through the mass media, which in this age of information are organs of the globalised society, media of participation in social processes, media of the middle class. The novel is a form of life that is not understood in terms of power, which is a form of life that is no longer respected, but in terms of information. The novel is no longer a pleasure that works, but a foundation for the world on which in time we must make building decisions, on which we must remain in dialogue. It is true that the novel has enormous power in the individual story that takes possession of him and remains with him. With this power it is necessary to use it correctly, but in fact it is far more dangerous to use the individual story for the world, on the other hand, it is possible to do so. The novel is above all a story that is not told but needs to be told, a story whose words open on themselves or are written on themselves. It is necessary to write it in




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Miller Levine Biology Book Online jaryed

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